Do I Need Treatment for Drug Abuse?

Prescription and recreational drug use can often lead to full on addiction. Each person’s body reacts differently to drugs and it can be difficult to gauge beforehand how a certain drug might affect an individual. If you find yourself abusing drugs, you need to seek treatment immediately.

Drug Abuse and Your Life

Drug addiction is an illness that affects the mind. It not only affects your life but the lives of everyone else around you. Drugs alter the chemical signals in the brain, affecting your mood, sleep patterns, and behavior.

Prescription Meds

When you abuse drugs, the pleasure centers of your brain becomes overloaded, making you feel depressed or overly-anxious when you don’t have the drug.

This can lead to intense feelings of withdrawal and depression. These chemical urges can compel you to do nearly anything to satiate the desire for more drugs.

Do I Need Treatment for Drug Abuse?

You should seek treatment immediately, because drug abuse is like a ticking time bomb for your health. Drugs can cause physical harm to your body and can lead to irreparable damage to your heart, lungs, liver, kidney and brain. Drug abuse also damages your social and professional life.

Your fragile emotional and mental state can cause you to make choices that are detrimental to your social interactions. Drug addicts often alienate themselves completely from friends and family. Your overwhelming desire for drugs can even lead to a loss of employment and death. Don’t let drug abuse completely destroy your life before you seek treatment.

Finding the Right Treatment

Once you realize that you have a problem, you must seek the right drug abuse treatment. Drug addiction is a disease that won’t just go away. You need a complete, comprehensive treatment program that not only treats the physical aspects of addiction, but the emotional trauma that might have led to your addiction in the first place.

There are medications available, like methadone and naltrexone, to help you through the painful withdrawal symptoms of getting clean. You can also enroll in behavioral counseling programs that offer the long term support you need to stay off drugs for good.

If drug abuse is causing you to lose control of your life, don’t hesitate, seek treatment immediately. Your drug abuse not only hurts you, but your loved ones, too. Try to visualize yourself living a healthy, productive life in the near future. Then, take the necessary steps to get treatment.

If you realize that substance abuse is a problem in your life and you’re just not sure where to go for help or where to begin, consider a counselor or specialist who can answer your questions and lead you down the right path for recovery. There is no shame in asking for help and you are not alone in your fight. Millions of people just like yourself struggle with drug addiction, substance abuse and similar problems and require professional help in order to get well—there’s no better time than now to seek treatment.

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