Different Kinds of Substance Abuse Services

Many substance abuse treatment programs and facilities provide extended services to their patients long after or during the time in which they are receiving treatment. There a number of different substance abuse services which may or may not be available or useful even depending on individual patient needs. These services range from relapse prevention to society integration to crime control.

The primary foundation of just about every substance abuse treatment program is counseling. Counseling is provided in either a group or individual setting and most patients will take part in a combination of both group and individual counseling sessions during their treatment for drug abuse.

In many cases, family counseling is also provided to help heal the family system, provide education to other members of the family who may be involved in the addiction and subsequent recovery of the addiction and promote a stronger family network overall.

Different Kinds of Substance Abuse Services

Food and clothing programs are commonly offered by substance abuse centers. These may include provisions to provide patients who have already completed treatment with help acquiring food and clothing for themselves or for other members of their household. These programs may also include things like transitional housing and assistance with things such as furnishing a new place to live.

Many substance abuse treatment programs also offer services pertaining to finding community support. Substance abuse services such as job placement, information and referral for daycare, and help with things like filing for public assistance such as food stamps, medical care, mental health services or unemployment are often provided to patients upon leaving the treatment program.

The primary goal of all substance abuse services is to help patients, those who are in recovery from addiction, to integrate back into society post addiction and to transition as smoothly as possible. Some substance abuse facilities also provide services that pertain to the prevention of drug or alcohol abuse such as educational programs for teens or young adults, family counseling, and similar services that are offered to the community as a prevention tool.

A variety of services are made readily available to patients while they are in treatment to help them succeed in sobriety such as education, community reinforcement programs and behavioral therapy. The types of substance abuse services that are offered to you will likely depend on your unique needs as well as the type of treatment program that you are in.

Some programs provide more services than others and some patients require more assistance than others when it comes to staying sober long after treatment has commenced. For information about the substance abuse services in your area, talk with a counselor or treatment specialist or contact your local community welfare center for information.

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